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daily feminist news 21.08.13

Image via Daily Life

Image via Daily Life


Indonesian school proposes virginity tests on teenage girls

The test — to be conducted on female students who are typically 15 or 16 would involve examining their hymen to see if they are intact. Boys will neither be physically tested nor asked if they are virgins. Women’s groups and the Education Minister are among many who oppose the plan.


Read the story of a woman who was bought for 23 USD

When a neighbour offered to save her from her alcoholic husband, ‘Khin’ unwittingly became a victim of human trafficking, and was sold to a Chinese man. She had to give up her baby child, but after 6 years she escaped with her new child and returned to Burma. With the help of World Vision, she now runs her own textile business.


Marissa Mayer does Vogue shoot, some people freak out

‘Lean in’ Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer has done a shoot for US Vogue, and to some commentators, it’s not empowering. Do you think a photo (completely clothed) undoes the work she has done for women in the tech industry? Is it belittling to use her as a style icon? Or does the fact that it was Vogue really negate the criticism? After all, it is a fashion mag.


American woman details sexual harassment suffered in India

An American student who studied in India has written of the extreme sexual harassment she suffered there. She experienced a breakdown upon her return to America, and is allegedly on a leave of absence while she recovers. Is India an unsafe place for women, or do stories like these negatively stereotype Indian men?


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