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daily feminist news: 25.08.13


Tasmania’s Catholic Archbishop Adrian Doyle draws comparisons between the psychological impact of abortion and sexual abuse

The Most Reverend Doyle has given evidence at an Upper House inquiry into laws which would remove abortion from the criminal code and allow women to terminate their pregnancies at up to 16 weeks on the advice of doctors.

Women to celebrate equality while continuing fight for voting rights

The 26th of August marks Women’s Equality Day in the US, commemorating advocacy fighting for the right to vote. Many women are using the day to push Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act.

Encouraging women and girls to take part in sport will lead to a healthier Wales

A new Sport Wales campaign is targeting women after figures show men are more likely to take part in regular sport. It is hoped the campaign will encourage women to partake in group sports activity in order to increase general fitness levels.

Japanese women to have ova frozen for later use

The Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine has drafted guidelines that would allow healthy unmarried women to have their ova frozen for later use in vitro fertilization.


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