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daily feminist news: 22.08.13

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Sydney University magazine censored for controversial vagina cover

The latest edition of Sydney University’s student-run magazine, Honi Soit, has been pulled from campus shelves as its front cover, which features uncensored photos of students’ vaginas, has been deemed a criminal offence. According to a statement on the magazine’s Facebook page, the cover was intended as a protest against the unrealistic and inaccurate depictions of vaginas in mainstream media and porn culture.

Army private sentenced to military prison declares: I want to live as a woman

US Army private Bradley Manning, who was sentenced to ten years in military prison for leaking classified documents, revealed in a statement today that he intends to live his life as a woman. Signing off on the statement as ‘Chelsea E. Manning’, she requested that, ‘…starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun.’ During her trial, Manning’s defence team suggested her struggles with her gender identity were a factor in her decision to leak the documents.

Dr Phil Causes Twitter Rage for Sexual Assault Tweet

Daytime TV talk show host Dr Phil McGraw has ruffled some feathers this week after posting a controversial tweet about women consenting to sex while intoxicated. The tweet, which asked for opinions on whether it was OK to have sex with a girl if she was drunk, left Twitter users reeling and even prompted a Washington, DC resident to create a petition to have him apologise to his viewers and ‘air a show that centers survivors’ voices and educates the public about the true definition of rape and sexual assault, as well as how to prevent it.’

Amina wants out of FEMEN

Amina, the 19-year-old Tunisian woman and member of activist group FEMEN, is now seeking to liberate herself from that very group, claiming they aggravated her criminal case. Amina made international headlines earlier this year when she was arrested for the topless photos she posted on Facebook. In one, she wrote ‘F*ck your morals!’ across her bare breasts.

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