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feminist news round-up 03.04.16

U.S. women’s soccer team files wage discrimination complaint

Five women from the U.S. national women’s soccer team, acting on behalf of the team, have filed a federal complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, asking them to investigate U.S. Soccer over wage discrimination. No excuses can be made by U.S. Soccer regarding skill and revenue considering the women’s team has a larger fan base and a higher ranking than the equivalent men’s team.

German railway company introduces women-only carriages
According to a German newspaper, a private German railway company plans to introduce women-only carriages, a European first, to trains running between Leipzig and Chemnitz. The carriages would be available for women and their children, and would be monitored by security. Some have criticised the move as ‘fear-mongering’, considering there hasn’t been a rise in reported sexual assaults on trains. The company have denied that this move has arisen in response to the Cologne attacks on New Year’s Eve.

Royal Commission into Family Violence releases recommendations
This week, the Royal Commission into Family Violence handed down its findings, making 227 recommendations, including new tougher laws, ‘safety hubs’ built by 2018 providing support services to victims and giving the police with more investigative power. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews immediately committed to implementing all recommendations. The report found that all parts of the response system to family violence were overwhelmed. The opposition minister for the prevention of family violence Georgie Crozier has also promised that the Coalition would run on a ‘unity ticket’ with Labor on this issue.

Famous architect Zaha Hadid dies aged 65
Pioneering architect Zaha Hadid has passed away at the age of 65. Hadid was the first woman to be awarded the Riba royal gold medal, and broke new ground as well as faced discrimination as both a Muslim and a woman in the industry. Yasmin Shariff has written for The Guardian about how Hadid was a ‘shining torch’ for Muslims and women.

Bolling to GOP candidates: stop answering controversial questions
A host on Fox News, Eric Bolling, has the perfect way for GOP presidential candidates to avoid controversial and offensive comments on the campaign trail: don’t give your opinion. Bolling suggested on-air that candidates should avoid questions on topics such as same-sex marriage and abortion by saying they’d like to talk about what ‘matters to the American public’ like jobs and foreign policy. Apparently it’s not the opinion that’s at fault, but the effect it has on the American public. Neat.

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