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feminist news round-up 04.06.16


LGBT community gets behind suspended La Trobe academic Roz Ward
In the wake of private Facebook comments criticising the Australian flag as ‘racist’, academic at La Trobe University in Melbourne and founder of the Safe Schools Coalition Roz Ward was suspended from her position at the university. The hashtag #IStandWithRozWard was created by LGBT people and their families who have worked with Ward to show their support. Early Saturday, La Trobe University decided against pursuing misconduct allegations against her. She will return to work on Monday.

Yet another example of victim-blaming
There has been condemnation from the community after some shocking victim-blaming reporting from The Daily Mail. Adeline Rigney Wilson’s husband was charged with three counts of murder after she and her two children were found dead on Monday. The Daily Mail, however, chose to focus on the South Australian mother’s ice habit and ‘neglect’ of her children rather than their deaths.

The Sims = now gender neutral
Good news for fans of playing* The Sims. (*By playing I mean spending eight hours on the damn thing and then not touching it for three months). The game’s label, Maxis, has removed restrictions on the game, which will now allow gamers to choose any physique, voice or clothes for their Sim, regardless of gender.

Liddle: Nova Peris ‘didn’t let the team down, she blazed a trail’
An important read from activist Celeste Liddle on DailyLife, on how former athlete and Senator Nova Peris blazed a trail during her term in the Australian Senate. Peris resigned from Parliament last week and was forced by the media to defend her decision. She was the first Indigenous woman to be elected to the Senate and has spoken publicly numerous times on the racism she has faced, including just after her resignation.

Last chance to see the Matildas before they head to Rio
And in sporting news, our national women’s soccer team Matildas will play two farewell games in Ballarat and Melbourne against New Zealand over the next few days. They’ll be aiming for the gold medal at the Rio Olympics. You can learn more about the Matildas to show your support here.

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