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feminist news round-up 08.05.16

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

Mia Freedman criticised for auctioning off an internship for Mamamia
Founder of Mamamia, Mia Freedman, has come under fire online for auctioning off a ‘priceless’ internship at the organisation – for $10,000. While the money raised will go to Caritas Australia, Freedman has already faced criticism in the past for underpaying writers. The criticism comes as this week’s Budget proposed $4 an hour internships for young job seekers, which sparked debate around whether internships are exploitative. What are your thoughts?

Male radio commentator says women can’t commentate… again
Gross. Male radio rugby league commentator Stephen Rowehas given his hot take that women will ‘never be able to’ call the game, and called rugby league commentator Kelli Underwood’s voice ‘annoying’. All this in an interview with AFL journalist Caroline Wilson. Even his co-host Mark Bickley questioned his views, to which Rowe said that a woman was more likely to coach an AFL team than commentate.

Lupita Nyong’o corrects Vogue after they compare her hairstyle to Audrey Hepburn
Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has hit back at Vogue for comparing her sculptural hairstyle at the Met Gala to Audrey Hepburn. Despite the fact that Nyong’o had said in her red carpet interview that she’d been inspired by hairdos, Vogue chose to tack on a mention of a Hepburn photoshoot for the magazine in 1963. With her usual grace, she corrected the magazine with an Instagram video, featuring her black inspirations.

Federal Court finds that Australia owes pregnant refugee duty of care
The Federal Court has found that a refugee who was raped on Nauru must not be forced to terminate her pregnancy in unsafe Papua New Guinea, where abortion is still legal. Justice Bromberg asserted that the refugee must be afforded basic human rights, whilst lawyers for the Australian government denied it was their responsibility. Bromberg conceded that she doesn’t have to be brought to Australia so it is now expected that a third country will be found for the abortion.

Police union paying the legal fees of police officer accused of domestic violence
The Police Association has come under fire for paying all of the legal fees of a former police officer who is standing trial for 11 domestic violence-related charges, and pleading guilty to two. Secretary of the Association Ron Iddles said in a statement that each case had different circumstances, and support ceased once the accused pleaded guilty. The ex-wife of the officer, also a former officer, expressed her disgust that member fees were going towards her ex-husband’s legal fees, and claimed that other members she had spoken to were similarly disappointed.

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