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feminist news round-up: 10.05.14


Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

Catch up on all the feminist news from all around the world this week on Lip!

Here’s how to help the effort to find the missing Nigerian schoolgirls.

Seriously, a judge actually thought it would be a good idea to send this rapist to do community service at a rape crisis centre!

Read about sexism in comics.

Check out this petition to remove over-sexualised advertising at Myer.

A girl filmed her abortion to prove that it’s not all that bad, causes controversy in conservative circles.

Tennesse, America, just became the first state to jail women for their pregnancy outcomes.

This writer says we should stop telling guys in clubs that we have a boyfriend in order to get them to stop harassing us.

Another celebrity says she’s not a feminist, what’s your excuse this time, Shailene Woodley?

Monica Lewinsky speaks up about what feminism has not done for her.

On Lip this week:

What’s up with the lack of female actors in the up-coming Star Wars film?

Claire Capel-Stanley explains why we need feminist art criticism.

Read about feminist of the week: Bronwyn Lovell.

Do you have an eating disorder? If you’re trying clean eating and over-exercising, you just might.

Brianna Doolan discusses Disney’s representation of Princesses.

Welcome Jo Williams on her Aussie adventure, all on her own!

Read Kaiyuh Rose Cornberg’s memoir on growing up in Taipei.

Help Hero condoms get stocked in Priceline Pharmacies.

Jasmine Jean reviews the book The Woods of Suicide.


What’s been on your mind this week, Lipsters?

Share anything interesting you’ve come across in the comments!

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