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feminist news round-up: 11.01.14


Tampons sent to Scott Morrison’s office in protest

Protestors have found a novel way to express their anger at Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s treatment of female asylum seekers – posting sanitary pads and tampons to his PO Box in Canberra. The move comes in response to revelations that female asylum seekers have to ask guards for feminine hygiene products and are only given one or two items at once. Mama Mia and Destroy the Joint are behind the campaign to end this humiliating treatment of vulnerable women.

Gym client told to leave because she ‘looked like a stripper’

Snap Fitness Yarrawonga owner Griff Davies told the NT News that physio Maja Lukic’s gym shorts belonged in a strip club. ‘If (Ms Lukic) wants to dress in that length of shorts and show her private parts, that’s her business, she can take it down to Sinsations and Honeypot,’ Mr Davies said, perhaps being overly familiar with the local strip joints. He said that the dress code was in place to protect the interests of all gym users, and that the same rules applied to everyone. Ms Lukic said she was first approached by a female staff member who called the shorts ‘offensive’ and ‘too short.’ She expressed disappointment in the comments from the staff member and Davis.

Women more intimidated at gym than men

In a similar vein, a small study by UK Cosmopolitan Body has found that women experience much more anxiety around the gym than men. According to the Daily Mail, “Self-conscious women are concerned about what both sexes think, with 14 per cent saying they are intimidated by the thought of men are judging them, while another 10 per cent feared other women.”

Vile Twitter trolls plead guilty to sending menacing public messages to feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez

Isabella Sorley, 23, and John Nimmo, 25, sent “vile” and “horrific” messages threatening Criao-Perez with rape and murder on the social network following her successful crusade to have a woman featured on the new £10 note. Ms Criado-Perez received abuse from 86 Twitter accounts during/following the campaign. Nimmo, of South Shields, also fired abuse at Stella Creasy, Labour MP for Walthamstow, when she tried to help Ms Criado-Perez. Sentencing is expected on January 24.

In other news…

Tavi interviews Lorde, world remains jealous of their awesome lives. (Lorde talks about meeting David Bowie, feminism, and answers the question ‘Is your hair full of secrets?’)

The Guardian asked a bunch of feminists how to establish a feminist empire.

Female Melbourne scientist develops way to prevent post-natal death in poverty stricken countries.

In Lip this week…

We rage against Cory Bernardi

Cameron Diaz wrote a book and she talks about pubes.

Movies that pass Bechdel test make more money than those that don’t.

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