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feminist news round-up 14.09.14


Here’s what you missed this week —

From around the web

Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of the manslaughter of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. However, Steenkamp’s family, the general public and the South African legal community are shocked by the verdict, having expected a murder conviction.

The women fighting ISIS

During her visit to Australia, Arianna Huffington speaks to Annabel Crabb about success, failure and sleep.

Why NSW state reforms on homelessness services will affect domestic violence victims.

Despite being one of the best countries in gender equality, Sweden’s progress has stalled, giving rise to Feminist political party, Feminist Initiative ahead of election.

On Lip

Women suffering from endometriosis may soon have access to Visanne in Australia after a petition with more than 66,000 signatures was presented to pharmaceutical company Bayer.

In a month-long campaign to raise awareness for ovarian cancer, the Big Bash League has teamed up with Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Is surrogacy child trafficking?

Gena LeBlanc reminds us of the fragility of life and the protection of a mother.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, Bridget Conway asks: ‘How connected are we really?’

Emilie Bertsche takes us through some common rape myths and smashes them.

Ruby Mahoney chats to CEO of new charity Dignity Zambia, Sandy Clark.

With the flip of a coin, Jo Williams plans her trip around Australia.

There’s still time to check out Melbourne’s feminist film festival, Girls on Film.

Lip’s very own Jess Oliver takes us through her bookshelf.

Our Feminist of the Week is researcher and blogger Phylisa Wisdom.

Check out these reviews of The Chicken Thief, Sugarland, Irrational Emotions, Magic in the Moonlight and Princess Mononoke.


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