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feminist news round-up: 14.12.13


Abbott to married same-sex couples: you knew the ‘risk.’

Michigan passes a bill requiring women to purchase ‘Rape Insurance.’

Democratic elections in Honduras may mean peace, stability and better conditions for women.

California becomes first American state to legislate against revenge porn, arrests of website creeps ensue.

Pussy Riot could be free by the end of the year!

In Other News …

Policy Mic’s 28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013.

World goes mental over Beyonce’s surprise new album.

Piers Akerman claims ABC children’s program, Peppa Pig is left-wing feminist propaganda.

Pope Francis is crowned TIME Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’ Better luck next year, Miley…

Do we really need prescriptions for contraceptive pills?

On Lip This Week …

New ad for Pantene breaks down gender stereotypes/double standards.

What’s wrong with Muslims being hipsters?

Abbott wants childcare workers’ pay rises back.

High Court overturns marriage equality act in ACT. Ruins love. Ruins Christmas.

What’s been on your news radar this week, Lipsters?
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