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feminist news round-up 16.02.13


Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, to sign up for harsh anti-gay laws.

Australia and New Zealand experience rates of non-partner sexual violence against women higher than the global average, study finds. 

Barbie to be placed on cover of Sports Illustrated in an ‘unapologetic’ campaign. 

Trans* comedian, Avery Edison, held at Toronto airport, live-tweets her experiences of transphobia.

Woman raises awareness about the reality of what breast cancer can do to your body. Loses 100 Facebook friends as a result.

In Other News …

#ActivistPickUpLines a hilarious trending hashtag on Valentine’s Day made the whole thing bearable. 

Sexism and gender double standards in Sochi 2014 coverage: ‘Why We Love Watching Female Figure Skaters, But Not Female Basketball Players.’

Meet the girl from that iconic ‘What It Is, Is Beautiful’ Lego ad, many years later.

‘Period Panties’ aim to challenge cultural and internalised stigma around menstruation. Are the best. 

On Lip This Week …

UK abortion counsellors told women that terminations will turn them into pedophiles, give them cancer and make them infertile.

What is ‘Free Bleeding’? and is it actually A Thing?

A short film tackling gendered double standards around slut shaming, victim blaming and sexism goes viral. Have you seen it yet?

New study finds that regular breast screening may not actually reduce the death rates of breast cancer.

Facebook introduces more diverse gender options.

What’s been on your news radar this week? Seen anything interesting we haven’t covered?
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