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feminist news round-up: 17.11.13


Asylum seeker separated from her sick newborn

An asylum seeker was sent back to a Brisbane detention centre while her newborn child was in intensive care this week. For several days, the woman could only visit her baby during visiting hours (10-4). A statement from the Mater Children’s Hospital, where the woman gave birth, rejected Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s claim that it was common for women not to stay overnight because of ‘bed restrictions.’

‘Once a mum is clinically well enough to go home, she is discharged from hospital, but is encouraged to be involved in her baby’s care wherever possible to help establish and strengthen her bond with her baby,’ the statement said. ‘Mater places no restrictions on women and they can visit their baby anytime where possible.’  The case has rightfully earned the Government increased criticism over its treatment of asylum seekers.

A Brisbane airport cleaning contractor has been accused of getting sexual favours from his staff and threatening them with deportation if they resisted.

Reports have surfaced that a contractor at Brisbane airport has been sexually assaulting international students working at the airport. A calling for the sacking of the contractor has received more than 13,000 signatures in a week.

Australian ‘man channel’ 7Mate to show Legends (formerly, Lingerie) Football League

In an exciting and progressive move for Australian television, 7Mate has scheduled Legends (read, lingerie) Football League for 2014. Perhaps the only women’s sport that feminists are not super-excited to see broadcast on free-to-air TV, Legends Football manages to be offensive to women in its blatant objectification of their bodies; and to men, for assuming that the only way they would watch women’s sport is if hotties in lingerie are on the field.

Not everyone is keen on Lily Allen’s new hit

Various feminist critics have pointed out the racism in Lily Allen’s new film clip. While the clip is awesome for lampooning the gross Robin Thicke-esque objectification of women in music… it kind of awkwardly replicates it. Yes, it’s meant to be satirical but so was Thicke’s…

In other news:

Ads for Catholic school tell girls ‘you’re not a princess’

Kenyan women fight law that keeps land out of the hands of women

Pink taxis to service female-only passengers a possibility in Melbourne

On Lip this week:

Rachel Griffiths to play Julia Gillard in telemovie

New Qantas uniform great, if you are a Victoria’s Secret model

Cash incentives to breastfeed?

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