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feminist news round up: 18.01.13


New Delhi gang-rape victim attacked for hours

A 51-year-old Danish woman was allegedly raped at knife-point for more than three hours after asking for directions back to her hotel. Two suspects have been arrested in a park close to the crime scene. It is believed that police are close to making more arrests. The suspects were found in possession of several of the victim’s belongings.

Saudi women celebrate suspension of wife-tracking program

The use of a device that sent a text message to the male ‘guardians’ of Saudi women revealing their movements and whereabouts has been suspended. Saudi women have celebrated the decision to suspend the program but condemned its introduction in the first place. ‘The notification process should have never been introduced in the first place because it is humiliating for women,’ Sabria Jawhar, a Saudi columnist and university professor, told Arab News.

Director claims Hollywood is not actually trying to hire women

Oscar-nominated (2003) director Lexi Alexander has condemned the lack of opportunities afforded to women in Hollywood. In a spirited and insightful blog post, Alexander addressed not only the statistics of the gender imbalance in Hollywood, but also the reason behind its continued existence. She believes that people who say they are striving for gender equality in the film and television industry must either be insincere or stupid, because there has been no improvement in 35 years. To Alexander, people who are sincere about equality will bring about change – it’s not enough to say you want it (white producer/director dudes), you have to actually do something.

In other news…

Kabul gets female police-chief

No women nominated for Best Director at Oscars

Mia Farrow epically burns Woody Allen on Twitter

Women run great hedge-funds

On Lip this week…

Liposuction game targeted at tweens

Womb transplants trialled in Sweden

Victoria erases criminal records of men convicted of gay sex

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