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feminist news round-up: 18.05.14

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

Catch up on all the feminist news from all around the world this week on Lip!

Jessica Valenti discusses unhappiness and feminism

Read about why we need to respect those who started the feminist movement

Swedish Feminist Party may win its first seat in Parliament

This guy says he doesn’t need to be a great feminist to be a great dad

Read about queer life in NYC

Why was Jill Abramson fired?

Sexual assault cases in American universities continue

Read about this Forbes panel on feminism

We need to stop making female celebrities into icons after they discuss feminism (see below for Sigrid Cross’s Lip article about the subject)

On Lip this week:

The Lip crew on Mother’s Day and what our Mothers mean to us

We’re asking female celebrities to stop using the f-word inappropriately

An interview with Australia’s queen of Erotica, Linda Jaivin

Lorde takes a stand against paparazzi

A breakdown of the Federal Budget and how it will impact Australian women

Leanna de Souza asks what makes a gentleman in the music business

Gillian Clive discusses celibacy in marriage

Read this heart-wrenching story on how the Budget has changed this woman’s idea how of lucky she feels to be Australian


What’s been on your mind this week, Lipsters?
Share anything interesting you’ve come across in the comments!

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