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feminist news round-up 21.6.15




On Lip this week:

Edie-Louise Diemar on why the phrase ‘walk of shame’ has got to go

Google takes important step in tackling revenge porn

Miley Cyrus launches transgender awareness campaign

NSW woman’s breastfeeding ban overturned

Sophia Flo Dacy-Cole reviews ballet performance The Dream

Sunrise apologises for post victim blaming women affected by revenge porn

US to feature a woman on new $10 bill

#JustATampon: a new campaign to tackle the stigma surrounding periods

Employees with intellectual disabilities paid $0.99 per hour

In Real Life: Coco McGrath reviews Chris Killen’s latest novel

Shannon Clarke on who gets to be a jerk (and why do they want to)?


Elsewhere on the Interwebs:

Sunitha Krishnan, founder of anti-sex trafficking charity Prajwala, posts rape videos online

Social worker Charlotte Wilson claims that security guards at Nauru paid asylum seekers for sex and filmed it

Clementine Ford banned from Facebook account for 30 days after posting screenshots of abusive messages sent to her account

Government aims to introduce tougher restrictions on wind farms

Natalie Portman signs up to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg film on the condition that it has a female director

Homelessness Australia finds that an extra $68 million a year is needed to house domestic violence victims in crisis accommodation

Australian of the Year Rosie Batty calls on alcohol levy to be introduced in order to fund responses to family violence

Prominent abortion rights activist and founder of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Anne Nicol Gaylor, dies at age 88

Bill proposed in Argentina that would criminalise verbal street harassment

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