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feminist news round-up: 23.04.14

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


Catch up with all this week’s feminist news here on Lip!

This ‘Walk of Shame’ kit allows you to totally get your tramp on, and raise money for breast cancer research. Hooray!

Seriously. Is a ‘Walk of Shame’ still a thing? Are we still calling it that? In 2014? I’ve heard it better dubbed a ‘stride of pride,’ a ‘walk of success,’ among other things. But Anyway. These handy kits include all the things you’ll need to look totally inconspicuous when you’re slinking home from a sordid night of who-knows-what with who-knows-who. Apparently they’re selling them in hotel lobbies, probably because the hotels were sick of people stealing the curtains/sheets to fashion into makeshift dresses (I don’t know). These kits include a big white mu-mu (not really, it’s a dress/t-shirt thing), sunglasses, thongs, wet wipes, a ‘pre-pasted’ toothbrush and a ‘don’t ever bother calling me again’ calling card. Oh, and a breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Tween girl develops eating disorder due to school ‘weigh-ins.’

What is this? The Biggest Loser: Schools’ Edition? Is that a thing already? (I really hope not.) A UK 13 year old girl has attributed school weigh-ins as the cause of her anorexia, which nearly cost her her life. After a weigh-in, the ‘healthy’ Sophie Anderson received a letter from her school informing her family that she was ‘at risk’ of becoming overweight. Sophie subsequently developed an unhealthy obsession with her body image, causing her to ‘withdraw from her family and become anorexic.’ While it’s important to address issues such as obesity and healthy lifestyle habits, these unfortunate events indicate that it needs to be done in a sensitive way, especially for young people.

Young adults working in retail to gain pay rise in historic decision by the Fair Work Commission.

No more working for peanuts for 20 year old retail workers. After a historic ruling by the Fair Work Commission, 20 year old workers will now be paid the full adult wage. Prior to yesterday’s ruling, young adults only got 90 per cent of the full adult wage, but this will be rectified by a $2 per hour pay rise. As the Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman stated, by 20, most retail workers have at least 3 years experience. While this is good news for young people trying to earn a living, some retailers aren’t happy. Zimmerman argued that the decision would devastate youth employment because employers would be more likely to hire older workers with more experience if they are going to be paid the same wage.

In Other News …

Crimea has voted to join Russia, but no one but Russia is up for that. 

New law makes polygamy totally legal in Kenya.

Madonna posts photo of armpit hair, Internet treats it like the most INSANE thing she’s ever done.

This bro thinks he’s ‘too attractive’ to be a rapist.

Women in Jordan use social media to speak out against sexual harassment. 

A crazy law in Hawaii allows police to have sex with sex workers while undercover. That’s some True Detective shit.

This Week on Lip …

Anne Summers gives Tony Abbott some advice. One ‘feminist’ to another.

Katy Perry still doesn’t know what feminism means.

On that note, neither does Sunrise’s Natalie Barr

Eleanor Robertson live tweets a critical reading of Mia Freedman’s memoir. Starts twitter war.

Tony Abbott’s paternalistic approach to Indigenous women’s rights.

The media circus that is the Oscar Pistorius trial.

What’s been on your news radar, Lipsters?
Anything interesting, weird or wonderful that we missed?
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