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feminist news round-up 26.01.13

Image: Daily Life/Ice Design

Image: Daily Life/Ice Design

Ice Design slammed for sexist/racist ‘Property of an Aussie Boy’ t-shirts.

 Aussies head to NZ for gay marriage.

$200 ‘marriage vouchers’ to start in July, will be available to gay couples.

Indian woman gang-raped on orders of council.

EU regulators investigating whether morning after pill works for obese women.

Anti-abortion nurse reports former employers for ‘religious bias’.

In Other News…

Google Glasses will have an app that allows you to not only have sex while wearing the clunky headgear, but also view yourself from your partner’s perspective and record it to watch later…

Why cat-calling isn’t a compliment

4-year-old girl writes kickass letter to Tony Abbott

Feminism: a threat to national security!

Former Arkansas governor claims Democrats are insulting and patronising women by providing access to birth control

Breastfeeding mother ejected from Victoria’s Secret store.

On Lip this week …

Studies find that shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant have caused teen pregnancy rates to drop in the US.

US lingerie line, Aerie launched ‘un-retouched’ advertising campaign.

Sexist double standards in Sport…

And on the Red Carpet.

What’s been on your news radar this week?
Anything we might have missed?
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