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feminist news round-up 26.07.14

feminist news round-up

Here’s what’s been on our feminist news radar this week!

New wave feminist anatomical underwear is here: what do you think?

Questioning Beyonce’s feminism again

Check out Cards Against Harassment if you’re sick of guys harassing you

A feminist perspective on Israeli aggression

If prostitution were legalized then HIV would not be spread as easily

UCONN is told to shell out millions for sexual assault settlement – finally something is being done about this!

My home town of Detroit, Michigan in America has triple the nation’s maternal death rate

75% of the film industry is male

We need to act now on female genital mutilation and child marriage


On Lip this week:

Women will get equal pay when you’re dead

Sex is exercise!

Marvel’s new announcement: The next Thor will be a woman

The new smart adult toy especially for women: The Owner

Debunking the myths surrounding depression

Everyone loves to game

The Lip Crew discusses family

The bookshelf diaries with Maxine Beneba Clarke

Should you be friends with an ex?

What’s been on your mind this week, Lipsters?
Share anything interesting you’ve come across in the comments!


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