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feminist news round-up 27.10.15


Here’s what’s on our news radar today.


call to stop abusers from cross-examining their victims in family court
Domestic violence groups and lawyers groups are pressing the Turnbull government to end cross-examination of victims by abusers in court. The Family Court’s Chief Justice, Diana Bryant says victims are less likely to proceed to trial due to their fear of being cross-examined by the abuser. [Source]

“knitting nannas” take complaints of intimidation to the police
Photos have emerged of pro-logger advocates writing “hug this” on a 9 meter wide tree, being transported on the back of a truck in Victoria. An environmental group, known as the Knitting Nannas, are taking a complaint of intimidation to the police, after receiving a “torrent of abuse” from the loggers. [Source]

“abortion tourists” forced to head to victoria
Queensland women are being forced to travel south in what’s being dubbed as “abortion tourism” as abortion remains illegal in Queensland, unless the woman can prove the pregnancy is a threat to her health. [Source]

abortion is like slavery, says US politician
Leading Republican candidate, Ben Carsons, has compared abortion to slavery, saying ‘During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave.’ [Source]

donald trump says something ridiculous. again.
Donald Trump is at it again, saying he believes women may prefer wearing burkas because it means they don’t have to wear make-up. [Source]

men should share their wives, suggests Chinese economist
A Chinese economist has suggested men should share their wives as a solution to the gender imbalance in China. Zheng Churan, a women’s rights activist, has argued that millions of baby girls have died due to sex-selective abortion but everyone’s still crying that men can’t find wives. [Source]

freezing eggs offers “false hope” to women
Doctors are warning that women who freeze their eggs may be falling victim to false hope as there is little chance of success. [Source]

One thought on “feminist news round-up 27.10.15

  1. It seems that the us think boys (not girls) are property in any case as they are not protected from genital mutilation (circumcision) anyone can ruin his penis on any kitchen table for ant reason they chose.

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