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feminist news roundup 19.7.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo

On Lip this week

Eleanor Danenberg explores consent in the context of male infants’ bodily autonomy and circumcision

Read Part Two of Marie Davis’s series on women in shonen anime and manga

Or catch up on more news with Wednesday’s Feminist News Roundup


Australian feminist news

Royal Commission into family violence hears alcohol and drug-related incidents are on the rise

Women in Queensland are apparently the happiest people in Australia, the annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (Hilda) survey shows. It also found:

Living with a partner increases men’s general health, but not women’s,

Women who change jobs experience more wage growth,

And those with dependent children find it hard to return to work

In an antithesis to the Hilda Survey’s finding for Queensland women, figures show almost half (45%) of the state’s homicides from 2006-2013 were caused by domestic violence, and 79% of victims were female

A homeless woman has died in New South Wales bush land, with one women’s shelter service condemning the state’s government for not funding services which could have helped her

Victoria appoints its first gender and sexuality commissioner, Rowena Allen, who is determined to ensure job security for transgender Victorians, among other rights

The ABC’s Archibald Prize face-morph graphic reveals portraits with Caucasian male sitters have won more often than those of women over the course of the competition’s 94 year history – even quite recently

And more than 13,000 Perth women forge friendships through a Facebook support group helping with ‘everything from mental health concerns they may have to where to find the best hairdresser’


Feminist news from around the world

American President Barack Obama condemns Bill Cosby’s actions as rape, but doesn’t say the actor’s Presidential Medal will be revoked yet due to the ongoing nature of the issue

An American Bill drafted in retaliation to the US Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality could allow companies to fire unwed mothers if their marital status is at odds with their employer’s religious beliefs

Investigations have been launched into a video leaked in the US which alleged reproductive healthcare service Planned Parenthood sold foetal body parts

Great Britain’s Prince Philip asks belittling questions of women working for a women’s community health agency (he also told one member of staff at the service to stop using the phrase “community” so much while speaking to him)

A study has shown men who are bad at video games are more aggressive towards women playing them – including those on their team

Another study shows women living in share houses wind up doing more domestic work than their male housemates or partners

A Mexican singer whose sanitary pad became exposed during a performance challenges menstrual taboo with sass and professionalism – both during the event and afterwards on social media

A video of Chinese lovers having sex in department store has gone viral, with some commentators hinting its popularity signals youth sexuality is at odds with country’s obscenity laws

And brands rethink ‘nude’ as more than a light beige tone for white people


Celebrity news

Caitlyn Jenner urges for transgender acceptance and respect during ESPN sporting awards speech

Meanwhile, iOS app Siri corrects people questioning Jenner’s gender, correcting them when they call her ‘Bruce’ or say she is male

American prosecutors have failed to notify women that they were allegedly filmed by Hollywood assistant director Kevin Thomas Roy in bathrooms and changing rooms, those victims contacted say

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