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in brief: are google doodles sexist/racist?


One of the creative innovations Google has created is the ‘Google Doodle.’ These ‘doodles’ are pictorial spin offs of the Google logo in accordance to a historical day, event, or period in the world at any given time. Ever remember Googling something on Christmas and seeing maybe a wreath around the Google logo? It’s something to show that they’re festive, part of the spirit of the season. Nothing offensive there, right?

Well, Spark Movement, a women’s activist group, have claimed that the Google doodles were under-representing women and diverse ethnicities in their palette of Google Doodles over the last four years.

Based on a report detailing doodles from 2010 – 2013, they ascertained the Internet giant created 445 doodles. According to them, 357 of these were men/male-centric and only 73 were based around women.

Spark Movement also claim that Google doodles were racist, with 54 of the woman-centric doodles featuring white women, and the remaining 19 featuring women of colour.

The group has launched an online petition, calling for Google ‘to be more diverse in its representation of the world’s historical figures and commit to partnering with us as they go forward with that effort.’

The team leader for the Google doodles production, Ryan Germick responded with the fact that women have been historically under-represented in almost all fields and that they were already looking to improve their imbalanced representation of them in their doodles.

What do you think, Lipsters?
What historical women or feminist events would you like to see featured as a Google Doodle?
Share your views with us in the comments!

One thought on “in brief: are google doodles sexist/racist?

  1. I think someone needs to grow up and get a life. seriously, why would anyone worry about the Google doodles? I don’t even see most of them as I don’t use Google on a daily basis.

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