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in brief: charlotte dawson wants young girls out of the modelling ‘machine’


Image: Eva Rinaldi via Wiki Commons

Image: Eva Rinaldi via Wiki Commons

Former teen model and Australian television personality, Charlotte Dawson has taken to Twitter to stop young women entering the modelling ‘machine’.

‘I truly adored my time on [Australia’s Next Top Model] but my heart tells me I don’t think young girls should pursue the modelling world,’ she tweeted.

The reflection is conceivably influenced by the scrutiny Dawson has suffered during her time in the public eye.

Dawson was admitted to hospital for an attempted suicide in 2012 as a result of intense cyber bullying by 9gag’s internet trolls, featuring a barrage of sexist insults.

The 47 year old announced her retirement from television in 2013.

‘I’m tired of the anxiety that comes with working in media, especially as a woman, because you’re scrutinised daily and abused about the way you look,’ she told the Herald Sun.

Despite this, it was speculated that Dawson would return to judge Australia’s Next Top Model as her profile is still up on the programme’s webpage.

However, Dawson’s tweets regarding her motivation to keep girls out of modelling crushed said speculation.

‘…I can no longer be a part of this machine.’

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