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in brief: missouri lawmaker likens abortion to buying a car or recarpeting a house


The US state of Missouri legislature is currently considering a bill that would triple the wait time for women waiting to get an abortion.

The waiting period would be increased to 72 hours, and, has been backed by sponsor Chuck Gatschenberger, a man who knows what it’s like. The sponsor recently recalled a similar story of his own, likening the experience to buying a new car or recarpeting his house.

‘I’m considering maybe buying a new vehicle. Even when I buy a new vehicle – this is my experience – I don’t go right in there and say, I want to buy that vehicle, and you know, leave with it.’

He goes on to stress that preparation is important. ‘I have to look at it, get information about it, maybe drive it, check prices.’

Sorry, Gatschenberger, but it’s not quite the same. Women aren’t exactly able to test drive abortions and see what they’re like.

The sponsor continued to relate the experience to his recent considerations about recarpeting his house. When reminded by a colleague, ‘You probably haven’t seen a lot. There are probably circumstances and situations that women find themselves in that you’re not aware of and that haven’t been part of your experience,’ he explained that he actually ‘had sisters,’ and so was aware of a myriad of women’s issues.

Watch the full video here. 

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