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in brief: teen ‘sexting ring’ busted

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In the US state of Virginia, over 100 middle school and high school teenagers have been caught in what has been described as a ‘sexting ring’.

This has spanned over six US states and the police have uncovered over 1000 naked or revealing photos of under-aged teenagers.

The images were discovered on an Instagram account that featured graphic photos of girls aged between 14 and 17. Instagram prohibits nudity and sexually explicit images and has since removed the account which was reported to have been started by a group of teenage boys. The boys received revealing photos from girls and then posted them on their Instagram site.

The mobiles of those involved have been confiscated for forensics.

In similar incidents, those who have been accused have been charged with possession of child pornography and have been registered as sex offenders, even if they are underage themselves.

In this event it is believed that this won’t be the case, as the photos are considered to be consensual and just a bit of fun between the teenagers.

Police can’t see the benefit of ruining these young adults lives as this  charge would ruin their job prospects and alter their lives forever.

What do you think, Lipsters?
Should even under-age young people be charged with possession of child pornography if they send/receive explicit images?
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