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in brief: Today Show hosts spread breast cancer awareness


Image: Screenshot via YouTube

Image: Screenshot via YouTube

In a generous move from both hosts, the Today Show’s Lisa Wilkinson and Georgie Gardner allowed themselves to be filmed having mammograms.

Last week, Wilkinson admitted that she felt ‘like a fraud’ because it had been three years since her last mammogram. As an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation for almost ten years, Wilkinson regularly encourages all women to be aware of the dangers, saying ‘you have to have a mammogram to make sure you’re really covering it.’

Wilkinson’s decision came in light of Good Morning America host Amy Robach’s recent diagnosis of breast cancer.

Reluctantly having a mammogram on air to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Robach later revealed that the screen had in fact detected breast cancer. She revealed on television last Tuesday that she is now scheduled to have a double mastectomy, or the removal of both breasts.

Robach has said that she considers herself extremely lucky, and that the early detection may have saved her life.

‘It is the difference between life and death.’

It is recommended that women over 40 go for regular mammograms, which are offered free, and women between the ages of 20 and 40 have them at least every two years.

Wilkinson has said that she feels ‘incredibly relieved’ after undergoing her own mammogram live on air.


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