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in brief: UK abortion counsellors told women having an abortion would increase risks of cancer, sterility and pedophilia

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

British MPs are calling for a review of abortion counselling processes after an undercover inquiry by The Daily Telegraph found that women attending crisis pregnancy centres seeking terminations were being given shockingly inaccurate advice.

Reporters from The Daily Telegraph attended two crisis pregnancy centres, posing as women considering abortions, secretly filming the advice they were given. One reporter was told that there was ‘an increased statistical likelihood of child abuse’ after undergoing an abortion because this violates the ‘natural barriers that are around the child that you don’t cross.’ The counsellor further extrapolated that abortion can ‘really confuse relationships with children,’ resulting in sexual assaults, abuse and pedophilia. Right. Yep.

These kind of seemingly ‘impartial’ shock tactics, invoking ‘statistics,’ ‘science’ and ‘studies,’ were also employed to convince women that abortion can mean that they will be ’25 per cent less likely to be able to carry a future pregnancy to term.’ Despite the fact that the risk of sterility post-abortion in Britain is ‘very, very low’ the counsellor garishly explained that: ‘as with any operation you know you are introducing something from outside the body into the inside of the body and there’s always a risk but with abortion there’s also a particular risk of, obviously the instruments that are used are sharp and they can cut the wall of the womb.’

Not only does abortion apparently leave you hellishly barren and turn you into a creepy pedo with a raincoat and a dodgy-looking van, but, according to the sources of wisdom that are these unregulated counsellors, it can also give you breast cancer. The reporter was told that ‘all them cells in your breasts that were going nicely forward getting prepared to make milk, they are all sent in reverse and that’s when it starts mutating.’ Sounds totes legit.

What this charming piece of investigative journalism shows us is that women in vulnerable situations are being manipulated by groups posing as support networks providing women with ‘impartial’ advice, yet in actuality their anti-choice agenda informs shame, shock, guilt and fear tactics to emotionally blackmail them.

According to a British Department of Health spokesperson: ‘it is vital that any woman considering an abortion is offered impartial and non-judgmental counselling, accurately advising her of all her options, so that she can make an informed decision.’ Hear, hear.

3 thoughts on “in brief: UK abortion counsellors told women having an abortion would increase risks of cancer, sterility and pedophilia

  1. Wow amazing bad vibes! Great that it has been exposed though! Hopefully the 1st step towards correctly regulating and monitoring of those counselling vulnerable people.
    Um… what DOES one expect, Lady JD?

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