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in brief: US fast food chain to bring its objectification to australia


American fast-food chain Carls Jr, obscenely nick-named ‘Slutburgers’, has made plans to bring the stores to Australia, and with it a raunchy reputation of using sexual objectification and soft-porn to sell it’s less than nutritious products.

Carls Jr is responsible for initiating a new culture of advertisements, using almost pornographic commercials in attempts to appeal to a younger market. In the past, the fast-food chain has used celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum to endorse the brand and sexualise an otherwise exclusively un-sexy food.

The US hasn’t always had decorum in its advertising industry, but it’s safe to say the burger chain may infuriate some of our Australian female consumers. The chain blatantly targets a stereotypical ‘hungry man’, and the blunt sexualisation of women is so candid that it’s almost comical.

There is no word of whether the brand will put forth a campaign similar to the raunchy US ads, and its success in the Australian market is quite unpredictable.

The first stores are set to open on the central coast, but Australia’s capital cities may not see the chains popping up for quite some time.

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