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news round-up 9.8.15



Image: Daniel Lobo


On Lip this week

Bridget Conway reviews one-woman show What’s The Matter with Mary Jane?

The Lip Crew on influential feminist books

Amy Mckenna writes about the gender pay gap

Eden Faithfull discusses the future of women in architecture

The Hollywood Bias: a new study finds that women had less than a third of speaking parts in the 700 most popular films released between 2007 and 2014

Jay Ong on the fight for topless rights

And much, much more!


Elsewhere in the Interwebs

Yet another asylum seeker has died under Australia’s watch, this time at a Western Australia detention centre. Despite a Department of Immigration spokesperson lying through their teeth reassuring the media that the health care in detention centres is ‘at a standard at least comparable to the health care available to the Australian community generally,’ fellow detainees have claimed that the man, 27-year-old Mr Najafi, was complaining of chest pains for two weeks before his death, yet was denied medical treatment.

A new study has found that the price for a Big Mac would increase by a whooping 22 cents if the U.S. raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour, which must be a real slap in the face to all of the billion dollar corporations out there claiming that paying their employees fair wages will destroy industry in America

The hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer has taken off, with women in the engineering field using social media to tackle gender stereotypes

Our favourite Republican candidate, Donald Trump, continues his war against anyone who isn’t an upper-class white male, this time attacking Fox News host Megyn Kelly, declaring in a phone interview with CNN, ‘You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.’ Trump has since claimed that he was referring to her nose

Netflix announced on Tuesday that they are now offering their employees unlimited maternity and paternity leave for the first year of their child’s life. Not to be left behind, Microsoft announced the next day that they too will be improving their maternity leave policy, though theirs is not quite so generous at twelve weeks of paid parental leave

A recent study has found that the standard temperature for workplaces is designed for men

The birth control pill hasn’t just played an important role in women’s sexual freedom, with a recent study finding that it has also prevented approximately 400,000 cases of endometrial cancer over the past fifty years

Professor Chapman, a public health expert, completely owns anti-wind farm activists in a recent response to a Senate inquiry investigating the health effects of wind farms

The University of Wollongong Young Liberals are targeting Liberal MPs who oppose gay marriage, preparing a petition calling on them to ‘reject bigotry and prejudice’

Judith Ireland wrote this fantastic piece discussing the gender inequality in the workplace and the ‘myth of merit’


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