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Code of Conduct

There’s a new proposed code of conduct for the advertising, media and fashion industries. Championed by Minister for Youth Kate Ellis and the National Advisory Group on Body Image, the code of conduct states that it would like these industries to integrate positive body image into their businesses. The Australian government is pledging $500, 000 towards these initiatives.

Choosing to follow the code of conduct? Is voluntary.

Honestly, I still feel like this is a token gesture. Or a band-aid solution, really. While the industries, and companies within these industries, will get rewards for complying with the code of conduct, I feel like most industries (especially the fashion industry) will be very reluctant to comply.

I’d also like to know what exactly is involved in the code. If it is a list of suggestions for each individual industry, and what sort of suggestions these are – what exactly is “positive body image” according to the code and the people on the advisory board?

Is it, being one of the faces of BONDS, a company that promotes a ‘healthy’ body image by only shooting slim models in their underwear?, is it, refusing to answer the question as to whether or not her image was airbrushed while posing to raise awareness about body image?, or maybe, it’s criticising other women’s fashion choices and allowing other people to make comments on women’s bodies on your website.

2 thoughts on “Code of Conduct

  1. It’s no secret that I feel this whole advisory group and their voluntary code add up to the sum of bupkiss for anything of use for body image. It’s a whole bunch of lip service and no substance.

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