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Wednesday 11 November 2015
Art Arts Theatre

interview with ad hoc: director of found festival

Bridget Conway

I sat down with Found Festival director and Lip writer, Ad Hoc, to discuss this year’s ambitious festival held at the Testing Grounds in Melbourne from 2pm on the 21st of November to the wee hours of 5am on the 22nd of November. Could you first briefly tell us about your career as an artist…
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Friday 27 March 2015
Art Arts

memories for sale: interview with ad hoc

Sophia Flo Dacy-Cole
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Ad Hoc, a Conceptual New Media artist, is selling her memories in an online auction listing on Ebay, Memories For Sale. Up for grabs are a collection of objects, such as letters, photographs, and one-off items. Every single one represents the good and bad moments of the artist’s life. Lip caught up with Ad Hoc…
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