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Friday 12 May 2017

girl talk: 10 questions with ali barter

Iryna Byelyayeva
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Ali Barter is kick-ass female musician whose songs Cigarette and Girlie Bits you’ve probably already heard (and know by heart) – and if you haven’t, we’ll give you a moment to go discover them now. Other than being an incredible artist, Barter is a feminist who is not afraid to speak out about the double…
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Saturday 25 March 2017
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lip mix: women of 2017 (so far)

Samantha Armatys
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2017 so far has certainly had its highs and lows. This weekend we are seeing the first ever women’s AFL grand final on free to air TV (high) while a few weeks ago a bill to decriminalise abortion failed to pass through parliament in my home state of QLD (low). It seems if you are…
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