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Tuesday 16 July 2013
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amanda palmer versus the daily mail

Ruby Grant
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Trashy tabloids love a ‘Wardrobe Malfunction,’ and never fail to get all Shadenfreude on these unfortunate situations. The Daily Mail proved no exception when it covered alternative rocker and cult legend, Amanda Palmer’s recent performance at Glastonbury. Whilst performing, Amanda’s bra did that annoying thing it does where it rides up at the back when…
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Sunday 20 May 2012
Culture Featured

amanda palmer, hairy armpits, and twitter

Lou Heinrich

While some celebrities are paid for their tweets, others use their sphere of influence to create an open discussion about the world we live in. Amanda Palmer likes to shock people. Formerly of The Dresden Dolls, now a ukulele lover and solo artist in her own right, she seeks to ridicule cultural confines of beauty…
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Friday 25 February 2011
Culture Music Opinion

amanda palmer is good enough

Emma Schenk
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With her recent release of “Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under”, Amanda Fucking Palmer admits to loving our country (just like Oprah Winfrey). Originally beginning her music fame with the Dresden Dolls and now a solo artist in her own right, I’ve always seen Amanda as a strong woman who has an open philosophy to life,…
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