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Monday 17 June 2013
Life Opinion

an open letter to teachers (past, present and future)

Maryam K
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To all our teachers (past, present and future), Thanks for choosing to be teachers. I know it must be a challenging task, particularly for those of you who work with children and young adults. When you’re working with young and impressionable minds, teaching is so much more than relaying information; it’s a grand performance and…
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Monday 3 June 2013

an open letter to those who’ve never done a PhD

Maryam K

An open letter to the family, friends, acquaintances, baristas, colleagues of a PhD candidate, and anyone who might have come in contact with one or even observed us from afar. Dearest Family, friends, acquaintances, baristas, colleagues etc, This is a really difficult letter to write – but I feel you’ve left me no other choice….
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