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Tuesday 11 August 2015
Feminism Opinion Travel

shots fired: gendered big game hunting abuse on social media

Emma Robinson
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    I have just had the privilege of spending three days at a game reserve in South Africa. Each day I would rise at 6am, climb into an open-top range rover with a ranger and tracker and drive out to spot creatures of legendary strength and prowess. On our first morning we rounded a…
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Thursday 13 March 2014

exhibition review: life captured

Rhiannon Tuffield-Skone
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  As human beings, we are able to feel and make sense of the world around us. We know what it is to experience joy and freedom and pain, and, most importantly, sympathy or empathy when we witness suffering. Yet when it comes to animal suffering, many of us are indifferent or can’t properly connect…
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Sunday 10 March 2013
Arts Books

lip lit: what the raven saw

Raelke Grimmer
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I not only shamelessly judge books by their covers, but by their titles, too. I’m forever drawn to quirky titles, and What the Raven Saw by Samantha-Ellen Bound, was one of the most intriguing titles I’d read in a while. Add to that the beautiful cover artwork, and I couldn’t wait to rip open the…
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