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Tuesday 23 June 2015
Featured Feminism Politics

revenge porn: why amending ip and privacy laws isn’t enough

Arabella Close
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Trigger warning: discussion of violence against women Hundreds of Australian women have had sexual or revealing images of themselves uploaded online without their consent. South Australian police are currently trying to block access to the US website where the photos are published. Many of the photos have been retrieved from private Facebook accounts, or directly uploaded…
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Wednesday 15 April 2015
Featured News Politics

enough is enough: raising the benchmark on crime

Natalie Rose Corrigan
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Trigger warning: this article contains discussion of rape and violence against women Stephen Sullivan is part of a movement that has gathered thousands of followers in just a few weeks. Sullivan says it has tapped into an emotion. ‘People have been thinking about what’s been happening the past few years and they’ve actually come on…
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