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Wednesday 9 April 2014

lip lit: award winning australian writing 2013

Bronwyn Lovell
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Award Winning Australian Writing 2013 is an anthology of 52 of last year’s competition winners in short fiction and poetry. The book features a different variety of competitions each year, and you’ve probably never heard of most of them. In Carmel Bird’s introduction, she reminds us that there are more than 300 smaller annual literary…
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Monday 18 February 2013
Arts Books

Lip Verse: Award Winning Australian Writing 2012

lip magazine

A few years ago, Melbourne Books began compiling the country’s prize-winning stories and publishing them in an annual collection called, Award Winning Australian Writing (AWAW). Last year, they added poems to the mix. It’s such a wonderful idea I don’t know why it wasn’t done sooner. The series is now in its fifth year. There are…
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