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Tuesday 13 August 2013
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should muslim women have to remove their burqas to be identified by police?

Zoya J. Patel

A new law has been introduced into Western Australia’s state parliament that would require Muslim women to remove their burqas or niqabs to prove their identity, if required. It would also apply to hats, scarves and other headwear or clothing that obstructs the ability to identify an individual. The law was drafted in response to…
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Wednesday 17 August 2011
Culture Featured

faces, fakes and photoshop

Emma Koehn
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My favourite subject at school? Photoshop. Okay, that may be a little misleading, but in between maths and basic geography, I got pretty good at enhancing digital photographs. It wasn’t that I took a class in it, per se. It’s just that over two digital graphics subjects and a work experience placement in the pictorial…
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