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Tuesday 11 October 2016
Featured Feminism

navigating multiple beauty standards

Fareen Ali
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  Content Warning: this contains a brief mention of eating disorders People from different places envision something different when they think of the word “beauty”. For someone living in America, the word “beauty” could mean a young woman that looks like classic Barbie, with blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, and a skinny figure. For…
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Wednesday 27 January 2016
Health Life Opinion

beauty and confidence: working in a ‘plus sized’ clothing shop

Findley Pollock

  ‘Larger women have to try harder to look good,’ a stressed and frazzled mother said to her 12-year-old daughter, Rosie*. Rosie was a confident young girl, who embraced her body. She was, however, challenged by her mother’s harsh words. I feel for Rosie, being told the way you feel is not necessarily how you are…
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Thursday 30 April 2015
Featured Feminism Life Opinion

east vs west vs choice: cultural standards of beauty

Karen Liu
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For most of my childhood I remained blissfully oblivious to any notion of beauty standards. In primary school, I was always the ‘tomboy’ – someone who shunned the school dress for pants and a long sleeved polo and who spent lunchtimes playing rugby and soccer. Yet this wasn’t just a phase that characterised my pre-adolescent…
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