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Saturday 18 April 2015
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and i’m feelin’ good: what fashion means to me

Jay Ong
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Some people think fashion is superficial, and something akin to an unnecessary, pointless and expensive hobby. But wait, I know what you’re thinking. How very dare they. Take my parents, for a spiffy example. To them, appearance is a matter of buying clothes to put on your body so that, simply put,  you are not naked. End…
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Thursday 13 June 2013
Arts Books

literature & technology: to blog or not to blog?

Raelke Grimmer

These days, blogging is practically ancient technology. But it is only in the past few years that the number one piece of advice given to writers wishing to nab a publishing contract is to have a blog. Blogging is a way for writers to showcase their writing style, connect with their readers and help promote…
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