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Monday 22 October 2012
Culture Featured

interview: lexie, ‘attention: people with body parts’

Ruby Mahoney
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Do you ever worry about how your body and/or body parts are perceived by society? Attention: People With Body Parts is a new international project that aims to address the issues of body image – to encourage us to celebrate our body parts and their connections to ourselves and to others. ‘Our bodies are filled…
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Wednesday 29 February 2012

lip lit: cynthia m bulik, the woman in the mirror

Jessica Barlow
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The Woman in the Mirror: How to stop confusing what you look like with who you are by Cynthia M Bulik is essential reading for any woman or young girl who isn’t satisfied with her appearance. If you feel the need to check out your reflection throughout the day, if you feel intimidated by other…
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