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Monday 22 October 2012
Culture Featured

interview: lexie, ‘attention: people with body parts’

Ruby Mahoney
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Do you ever worry about how your body and/or body parts are perceived by society? Attention: People With Body Parts is a new international project that aims to address the issues of body image – to encourage us to celebrate our body parts and their connections to ourselves and to others. ‘Our bodies are filled…
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Wednesday 18 July 2012

‘v’ for vagina

lip magazine

It seems we are up in arms again, after being confronted with two, small clinical words.  Carefree’s latest advertisement features an attractive ‘carefree’ brunette, appearing seemingly naked but tastefully hidden behind an array of flowers.  She approaches the camera with a formal but quirky, direct approach, reminding us that ‘even that bit of discharge in-between…
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Tuesday 17 July 2012
Featured Opinion

an open letter to carefree

Sara Berndt

Dear Carefree, Thank you. Thank you for calling my vagina a vagina. Thank you for talking to me like I’m an adult. Thank you for not reducing my menstruation to a pun with a stuffed beaver. Thank you. Growing up, I often wondered why the creators of commercials for pads and tampons thought my blood…
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