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Friday 17 October 2014

keep calm and befriend a muslim

Raidah Shah Idil
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Seriously? Again? Bronywn Bishop already had her go with her ‘ban the hijab in schools’ mantra in 2005. Now it’s time to up the ante with the ‘ban the burqa’ mantra. It boggles my mind when political figures like Jacquie Lambie draw links between the burqa and terrorism. What’s the connection? This ‘ban the burqa’…
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Monday 26 August 2013
Culture Featured Opinion World

Lady Gaga’s bizarre burqa song is not ’empowering’. No, really.

Zoya J. Patel

In case we weren’t convinced yet that she’s the queen of controversy, a recently leaked song from Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album, ARTPOP, has the pop singer regaling us with half-formed, ignorant lyrics about the burqa. The song, either entitled ‘Aura’, or ‘Burqa’, includes the lyrics ‘I’m not a wandering slave I am a woman of…
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Tuesday 13 August 2013
News Opinion Politics

should muslim women have to remove their burqas to be identified by police?

Zoya J. Patel

A new law has been introduced into Western Australia’s state parliament that would require Muslim women to remove their burqas or niqabs to prove their identity, if required. It would also apply to hats, scarves and other headwear or clothing that obstructs the ability to identify an individual. The law was drafted in response to…
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