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Monday 10 August 2015
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empowering youth and tackling poverty in cambodia

Caitlin Gordon-King
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Fifteen year old Sok collects facts in the back of her notebook. At the end of school she approaches the teacher’s desk to tell me that television was invented in 1922. Sok’s English is better than most other students, and she quickly realises my skepticism. She grabs her book and points to a scrawling script…
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Sunday 11 August 2013
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Memoir Extract: Mother and the Tiger

Dana Hui Lim
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The following is an excerpt from new book, Mother and the Tiger. My story began as a jumbled collection of early memories. Events and images floated in and out of my mind as faces and places were recalled: some vivid and sharp, others dim and almost forgotten. I have tried to sort through these glimpses…
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