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Thursday 13 August 2015
Film Opinion

why is elle fanning playing the lead in about ray?

Cin Peeler
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Trigger warning for the trailer below: misgendering, transphobic low-level violence Next month About Ray will be released in the US, adding to the stories being told about trans folks right now – the key word being about and not by trans folks. About Ray looks like it will not only be a great film, but…
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Tuesday 11 June 2013
Culture Life Opinion

public bathrooms: double-takes in only having two doors to choose from

Lexie Bean

In high school, one of my best friends loved to wear skirts. His favorite one was grey; it danced two inches above his knees and matched the Sharpie marker that colored in his shoes. This is the same skirt that matched his eyeliner. Though he is a male that likes to shop for prom dresses,…
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