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Monday 9 January 2012

q&a: deerhoof

Christine Campbell

When Dunja first approached me to interview Deerhoof, I have to admit I was as much intimidated as I was excited. Deerhoof has been a band I’ve admired for quite some time; if you were to make a soundtrack of my life from ages 16-22 there would definitely be several Deerhoof songs in the mix,…
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Wednesday 16 February 2011
Arts Music

live music review: deerhoof

Christine Campbell
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Alternatively, Why You Should ALWAYS Say Yes When A Friend Asks You To Go To A Show. Last Tuesday night, February 8, 2011, I ventured out of Williamsburg to go to my favorite part of Brooklyn, Greenpoint. I had worked an especially difficult day at my job and was tired enough to the point of…
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