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Sunday 24 May 2015
Arts Featured Health Sexuality

outing disability: dispelling myths about the sexuality of people with a disability

Natalie Rose Corrigan
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A few years ago I went rummaging on Amazon to find something that doesn’t cross most peoples’ minds. I purchased a book called The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability. I bought this book so I could flip through the pages and hopefully recognise a little bit of myself in them. Growing up with a…
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Wednesday 11 June 2014
Health Politics

shut up: ABC ramp up for disability issues axed

Ellen Read
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When I learnt that ABC Ramp Up is set to be defunded with the new Federal Budget I literally involuntarily yelped ‘Oh my god NO!’ I was still waking up in bed, doing my usual morning Twitter check when I found the news. Tears streamed down my face as I scoured the internet for evidence…
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Monday 5 May 2014
Featured Politics

the stockton centre saga: closing time for disability institutions

Maggie Gibson

You’ve probably heard of the large-scale movement to close institutions during the 1970s-80s. When we talk about institutions, icy cold baths, electric shock therapy, straight jackets and lobotomies probably spring to mind. It’s no wonder; institutions have quite an unsavoury history and it is commonly believed that institutions and the inhumane practices contained within are…
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Wednesday 21 November 2012
Featured Opinion

kiss & tell: a dating dilemma

lip magazine
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Welcome to Lip’s new relationships column, Kiss & Tell. Our new anonymous columnist is going to be sharing her experiences and thoughts on dating and relationships every fortnight! At Lip, it’s important to us not to assume heteronormativity when talking about sex or relationships, but as our columnist is heterosexual herself, most of these columns…
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Thursday 5 July 2012

seeing is believing

Lou Heinrich
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It took a long journey through my late teens to realise the extent that media portrayals of people like me (white females) affected my view of myself and those around me. The way that print and film represent different groups of people can have a huge effect on public impressions. Watching one of my favourite…
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Sunday 27 May 2012

beautiful, sexy, glamorous, disabled

lip magazine
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Have you ever seen a beautiful girl in a wheelchair? A handsome man walking with the aid of crutches? I am sure you have.  Beauty is not exclusive to the able bodied among us, yet society would have us believe it is. Today, it is not only a prerequisite to be thin with a perfect…
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Monday 19 March 2012

film review: vincent wants to sea (vincent will meer)

Natalie Salvo
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Vincent Wants To Sea tells the story of a 27-year old Tourette’s sufferer (Florian David Fitz, Men In The City who also doubles as the film’s screenwriter). At the insistence of his busy and uncaring, politician father (Heino Ferch) and following his mother’s passing, Vincent is institutionalised and is forced to share a room with the obsessive-compulsive Alexander…
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