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Monday 26 June 2017

tanya avanus on being a woman in the punk scene

Samantha Armatys
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The Pinheads are an eccentric outfit hailing from the underground – a fusion of punk and psychedelia that capture a DIY ethos that is a throwback to another era – an analogue sensibility that is apparent from their songwriting to their music videos.  One of seven members of the act, Tanya Avanus aka ‘Tun the…
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Wednesday 23 April 2014

in brief: new survey finds more women are becoming ‘do-it-yourselfers’

Matilda Mornane
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  A new survey conducted by WD Bathrooms, found that more women are embracing DIY around the house, spending the money and the time to fix things without the aid of their male partner. WD Bathrooms questioned 1,244 British women about their DIY habits and, according to the Daily Mail, women are taking a bigger…
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