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Thursday 9 April 2020

women are not babysitters for the economy

Julie Smith, Australian National University
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There are lively discussions going on about the gendered impacts of coronavirus and how so much policy tends to be male-centric. It might not be intentional, but the problem with unconscious bias is it doesn’t see what it doesn’t want to know. The current crisis has brought to the forefront the size and importance of…
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Sunday 16 November 2014
Opinion World

why are women’s issues off the agenda at the 2014 G20 Summit?

Jillian Thomsen
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It’s no surprise that the G20 Summit has a common theme: wealthy, powerful people dictating how we should manage the wealth of poorer, less powerful people. I cringed as I heard my television bark at me that the G20 is a gathering of the ‘most powerful men in the world’. This begs the question: where…
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Monday 24 September 2012
Culture Featured

mamma’s boy got the right idea

lip magazine
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Economic instability has done some interesting things to Italy. I noticed this when I spent six months there, travelling and living with whoever would have me. I got a good look inside the homes of real Italians. Something I recognised immediately was the difference between young Australians and young Italians. University students and those in…
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Thursday 12 April 2012
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the girl effect: girls can change the world

Josephine Mandarano
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The Girl Effect, n. –The unique potential of 600 million adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. Girls can change the world. At least, that’s the philosophy behind The Girl Effect, a movement founded by The Nike Foundation in 2008 in collaboration with the United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent…
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