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Sunday 7 July 2013

memoir: from bloody mongrel to cockapoo, shitzoodle and nintendog

Rianh Silvertree

What has happened to the family pet? Dear Father Christmas, All I want is a puppy. I will love it and care for it and name it for its most redeeming characteristic…. My 1973 dog had a damp start to life, being the only pup that survived a dunking by gunny sack in the local…
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Tuesday 15 January 2013
Arts Books

lip lit: and the heart says whatever

lip magazine
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And the Heart Says Whatever is a lightening rod of a book. Emily Gould’s life has been the stuff of cult films and teenage daydreams. She has beautiful tattoos snaking all over her upper torso and a don’t-give-a-fuck sensibility that, combined with her personal and professional experiences, make her an easy, lazy target for mockery and hipster-bashing….
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