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Wednesday 2 April 2014

in brief: US fast food chain to bring its objectification to australia

April Glover
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American fast-food chain Carls Jr, obscenely nick-named ‘Slutburgers’, has made plans to bring the stores to Australia, and with it a raunchy reputation of using sexual objectification and soft-porn to sell it’s less than nutritious products. Carls Jr is responsible for initiating a new culture of advertisements, using almost pornographic commercials in attempts to appeal to a…
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Wednesday 2 March 2011

The Politics of Food

Jo-Anne Tsai Tsiu Yiung
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I woke up this morning to the thoughts of a friend, written in absolute disgust from watching the film Super Size Me. I had seen Super Size Me when it was released in the theatres in 2004. A really good friend in high school and I were the only ones who wanted to watch it…
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